Simple Website Solutions

Simple and affordable static websites that meets your need and developed with speed

Simple and affordable static websites that meets your need and developed with speed
The Process

Decision Time - If you decide a website is for you and it will work to your advantage, then please contact me with your thoughts. I can advise on what, in my view is possible and advise on a hosting package that would be suitable for your needs.

Domain Registration - Getting your preferred domain ( www.??? ) is important and can set your site apart from the others. The earlier this is done, the better. If you have already decided, then I can check on it's availability and get you registered.

Hosting - Register with a hosting company on a package and price that suits you. This will be dependent on site content/images/number of pages etc.

Next Steps - Once the above has been done, the development of your website can start. This can start immediately or as soon as you have decided the layout/content/images you want. All to be supplied by yourselves.

Communication - From the very first email to the completion of your website, I will keep you informed of the progress and make the template (layout) available for you to check, amend or change until you are happy with it. Once agreed, the pages can then be added and linked together. Again, these pages will be made available for you only to view, to ensure complete satisfaction.

Timescale - This is very much down to you. If all information and content is available and you are convinced about the layout of your website, it is possible for the website to be completed and made live within a month or even quicker. Delays often happens when numerous changes are made or there are communication delays.

Payment - Once development and updating costs (if wanted) have been agreed, I would request that 30% is payable at the time of the domain and hosting registration (not included in my cost and payable by you to the hosting company). A further 30% payable once the template (layout) commences and the final 40% payable on the completion of your website. If you wish for your pages, on your website to be regularly updated, then I would request the annual fee is paid in advance. All will be confirmed by email which needs to be agreed by you before I start work on the development of your website.

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